Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

As a new patient, our initial examination will evaluate your present medical and dental conditions and discuss treatment guidelines to address these issues and your specific dental concerns.

Excellent ongoing dental health adds to the life expectancy of all dental restorative procedures – from a simple filling – to multiple crowns, bridges or dental implants. Our first goal is to help you become care free and enjoy good periodontal health before, during and after any dental procedure.

As with the Mona Lisa, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Improving your smile is just not about whitening your teeth, but also a consideration of teeth size, shape as well as blending with your skin tone to develop an improved natural appearance.  

This may involve just one tooth or a full smile reconstruction. These options will be discussed during our consultation appointment so that your desires can be addressed.

With difficult shade changes, our Ceramist will be present to add his expertise.

sleep Disturbances, Snoring, Apnea

Does your partner complain about your snoring? Are you tired when you get up even though you slept 7-8 hours?

Are you tired in the middle of the day? You may be like the millions of people who suffer from the effects of disturbed sleep.

Sleep Apnea (a total stoppage of breathing for a period of time) is progressive. This places an enormous strain on your heart and blood pressure health.

The good news is that diagnosis and treatment can decrease it's long term effect including memory loss.

If you have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder but can't tolerate a c-pap device, perhaps an oral appliance can be utilized.

We'll evaluate your individual situation and recommend what just might be a life changing treatment.

TMJ,TMD evaluation & Treatment

If you have difficulty with painful jaw muscles, difficulty with full jaw opening, popping, clicking jaw joints, sensitive teeth and frequent headaches, you may be suffering from the dental/medical problem called TMD Disorder.

Relying on over 30 years of experience in this field, we feel confident that your specific problem can be evaluated and offer specific goals of treatment.



Dr. Santucci has been a General Dentist for over thirty years with extended education in the fields of TMD, Disturbed Sleep, Cosmetic Dentistry and Complex Restorative Dental Procedures

Although, a contributor to dentistry on a global scale, Dr. Santucci is still passionate about caring for you the patient,as an individual and addressing your specific dental concerns.

Dr. Santucci lives in Redwood City, Ca. with his wife, Dr. Noelle Santucci who is also a Dentist and Dental Educator.